Pillow Talk: A Bear Ate It Edition

My BFF Forever Nikki has this thing she always says to her husband, or pretty much anyone, whenever anything goes wrong or missing. 
"A bear ate it." 
Its logical right? 
It happens all the time. 
Well since I'm with her, well, a ton, her phrases rub off on me. Yeah. That's where tonight's edition of Pillow Talk comes from. 

Me: Tell me I have to get my packing done tomorrow. I'll listen if you tell me I have to do it, just like you told me I had to put my registration sticker on. You told me, I did it, and now its done.

Him: Sweetie, you have to get your packing done tomorrow.

Me: Okay. Okay wait. Now that I'm thinking about it... I don't know where my registration is. I mean, I put the sticker on my license plate and then... I have no idea where the actual paperwork is. Crap. That's bad.

Him: How do you lose it right after you put the sticker on? I just don't get...

Me: Its not my fault. It either sprouted legs and ran away... or a bear ate it.

Him: Really? That's what you're going with?

Me: You tell me. Which one is more probable?

Him: Are we really doing this?

Me: Yes. Its the truth, I had no control over it.

Him: Well if we are indeed doing this and if its based solely on the probability of your registration disappearing under one of these two circumstances, then I'd have to go with a bear ate it.

Me: Hey, you said it, not me.


Charity said...


Mel said...

I LOVE this! So cute.

annoyed army wife said...

I always tell OccDoc if he can't find soemthing that "It's probably up your butt". Every once in awhile when I'm looking for something he'll ask if I "checked my butt". Yeah, we're mature like that.

Team Mama said...

So- does this mean he is off guard duty and not incommunicado anymore? And could I add to his words- you have to pack...today! I'll be there and we're leaving in only 3 days!!! Woot! So- we have to talk ad figure out logistics. I'll call you later! <3 Oh- and hopefully a bear won't eat anything else that you need to take back with you!

The Blogtessa said...

Ahh! Love it! Way back when at my old blog I had a meme called Pillow Talk--- same thing! Were you a participant?! Love that you're carrying this idea on!! :)