Waz on Mrs. S's Phone Yo

It's that time again Lovelies. 

I know, you have all been waiting for baited breath with baited breath for? with

Screw it.

Go link up slores. 

Now Lovelies, let me introduce you to my baller-a coffee table. I bought this sucker at Goodwill and an entire post will be coming up about this beauty and her makeover very soon.

Another one bites the dust ladies and gentlemen. Poor Spiderman, he was all peter(parker)ed out.

Remember me posting about being sick with a bunch of kids that were sick and not mine? Well Even Superman gets sick. Shocked? Me too. 

Now this gem (the baby) belongs to my fabulous BFF Forever Nikki (she learned that acronymical term at The School of Redundancy College) 
We have this system her and I. 
She has four kids, I love on them. 
She has lots of laundry but not a whole lot of motivation so I lie on her bed usually cuddling that fatty bundle below and she sorts, folds, and throws. 
This happened today and poor Paxton got smothered. We weren't worried enough to stop from laughing or refrain from helping the kid BEFORE I snapped a photo. 
Priorities people.

My Mr. Superman is a keeper. He sent me Valentines flowers early so I could enjoy them before packing up and driving 2,000 miles to go find a house. I came home late tonight and found some of them have begun to peek out! Lurve.

My glorious coffee table being smothered  like that rolly polly baby above. 

Now here is the prize winners peeps. 
This here is my trusty, oh so cuddly and loveable body pillow. 
Why is it wearing Mr. Superman's ABU top?
Oh I don't know. 
It HAS been a long time.
Not that long. 
You dirty minxes.


annoyed army wife said...

Gorgeous flowers! Irises are my favorite!

Miss E said...

Aw Superman (hope he feels better!!) and Spiderman are showing their softer sides today!!! I can't wait to see the makeover of your coffee table.

chambanachik said...

1. Love the table. Can't wait for the post.
2. Gorgeous flowers.
3. Haha! I think all military spouses have a pillow like that...I know I did! :)

HunDuddle Hussy said...

i need to dress MY body pillow in lover's clothes. too bad they're all in NC. poop. i don't have a single thing of his here.

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Love the pics! (I would love to join in because I've seen other bloggers do this, but I have yet to figure out how to use the camera on my phone!) BTW, I have that same water bottle in red. Don't go anywhere without it. Great minds think alike. ;)

Reina said...

Saucy Minx. :)

ginger said...

haha!! love it! loving the priorities & can't wait to see your table finished :)

Maranda said...

That pic of Paxton is SOOO cute!!! Love the body pillow and I can't wait to see what happens with that coffee table!