Mil-Spouse Weekly Round-Up

Welcome to this week's edition on Mil-Spouse Weekly Round-Up. Be sure to head on over to The Whole FamDamily and check Hillary out. She's hot.

This week has been long. 
Well, it's been long and short. 
I'm sure most of you can relate to that feeling. 
Its been jam packed with seeing family and friends, doing last minute fun things I've been meaning to do for the last five months, doing not so fun things like getting pre-roadtrip stuff done to my car, getting sick (again), and generally just stressing out at the reality of how utterly over-extended I am. That's what we do though right? 
We're military spouses so doing a whole lot of crap in a short amount of time while putting our best foot forward is what we do
I am currently completing my second all-nighter in a row and running on about 5 hours of good sleep in the last 48 hours. 
Today will be a day of no rest since I've been a slacker on the packing front and I leave in about 22 hours to head back to good old South Georgia.

If you're a new Lovely here on my blog, welcome! 
This is me.

This was my Lover's Day shirt and I snapped this photo for my Mr. Superman who currently resides in Assghanisand as he puts it.

He is the bomb diggity fo' sho'. 

In the next two weeks or so you will all be graced with several Lovelies who are providing entertainment in the form of guest posts while I embark on my 7th cross country journey in 18 months. 

Please be nice and leave them lots 'o' lovins' mmk?

I'll leave you with some pretty things and have a fabu weekend guys and dolls!