My Husband Gets The Shaft With Right Here, Right Now

Hey there Lovelies! I am missing from the bloggy world for a bit as I travel from Arizona back to Georgia and embark on an internetless journey of finding a house and turning it into a home before Mr. Superman arrives home. Until then, enjoy all of my Lovelies who will be entertaining you and be sure to show them a lot of love! Today I have the Lovely Adrienne. She's a newbie follower and jumped at the opportunity to blog for me which mad me SO happy. She's seriously cute and has some quick wit. Be sure to go check her out!

First off, let me just introduce myself! I am Adrienne from Right Here, Right Now!

So there we are! Yeah, that's my Army Husband in the picture! He and I have been married since Sept. of 2010! Can you believe it? Already over 6 months of marriage... Time sure does fly... Sometimes though... I feel that my husband is getting the shaft... From me (not in the gross way or anything...Get your head out of the gutter! Jebus...). I am just this 23 year old girl who he decided to marry. I am sure he has his reasons, but... He is 30! He picked this little young thing, who doesn't know too much about life... and has yet to experience many of the things that he has already experienced! Basically... What I am saying is that I am young compared to him! I don't know what I am doing!

I can tell you though, that I am SO thankful to have him as my hubby! 

He treats me so well. I mean, he married me... Got me with him to Korea, got me a Wii, and now, we're getting to move to Germany. I will admit it, I AM SPOILED by him!! And me? I do my best...ish... It's TIRING keeping up with the... internet and then trying to keep up with the house too! It's pretty tough cooking meals everyday! I barely cooked anything that wasn't out-of-the-box (aka Mac n cheese... Hamburger helper... etc). Though... I am learning, slowly. How on earth do you make it a daily thing? I don't have kids (thank goodness, I really don't know what I would do then!), that would make this a million times harder!

Husband works so hard, and then he comes home to... me... Sometimes I am showered, sometimes I get the dishes done, and clean the house. But it's rare that I have everything pristine by the time he gets home.  Which makes me think that sometimes he could be thinking to himself "What on earth has my wife DONE all day?!". But I like to think that he doesn't think that.

What do you do all day? How on earth to you keep the motivation to keep the house clean all the time?


AngieDMac said...

I would like to know the same things. I have to force myself to do dishes or clean. He actually does come home and asks what I did. No kids, no job. All the time in the world, no productivity.

Team Mama said...

What you do is go in 15 minute spurts- stay focused, don't get distracted and get as much done as you can in 15 minutes. Pick 1 room at a time and focus just on that room. Do 3 or 4 of those 15 minute spurts a day and you will literally be amazed at how much you get done! (Use your timer and don't let yourself be distracted.)
As for cooking- when you make a meal, double or triple it and freeze meals for later. If you're gonna do the work once- make it count! Also- seriously one thing to make cooking easier is to have a 2 week menu plan. And crock pot cooking is also fabulous! Throw it in the pot in the morning and by dinner it's done. Lots of little tricks to make life easier. I had to learn them the hard way too!