Birthday Party Night!!

Well this past weekend was fun and long. We made plans with Cody best bud Andy to go out on Friday night to celebrate his 21st birthday.

Andy brought along a few friends and the night was a blast. We took off around 8:30 and did dinner at a Chili's dowtown'ish. Andy's friend Drew had a friend visiting in town before moving and she made my night so fun. Her name is Ashley and being that it was just us two girls we had fun putting up with the boys all night.

Andy's friends Doug and Tim were there as well which we knew from previous nights out. We had a blast at dinner then ended up all going to this club Allure for some dancing.

After wearing ourselves out we all came back to our house for some good ol' Phase 10 and movies.

Everyone but Doug ended up crashing over here due to the late hour. Saturday morning was fun just hanging out and relaxing. Cody took off about noon to go have lunch with his dad and everyone else took off about an hour later.

I got hit with some pretty nasty flu symptoms but thought I might have just eaten something bad. When Cody got home he was having the same issues so we came to the conclusion that since we both had headaches, fevers, and major stomach/nausea issues that it was just a 24 hour flu. I was the one that could actually move so i dragged myself to Walmart to get him some Sprite. We spent the afternoon trying not to die from misery (insert not a dramatization here) and we succeeded.

My great friend Jill also came by with her fiance Sean for a quick visit. They live up in Ogden and are getting married this Friday!! They came to see the house and get all the finer details of our goings on here in UT. It was so good to see her. She has always been such a great friend. I am soooo excited for her and Sean.

I was barely able to keep down what little food I had in my tummy while they were here and narrowly escaped having to run to the bathroom a few times. Today we are doing somewhat better although we are super shaky and weak and just physically not feeling up to par.

Cody starts maintenance work this week again until time to ship out. We hope all is well with you and are grateful for the congrats, well wishes, and love!

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