I Call A Do Over: Faux Italian Glass Edition

My 4 AM usually consists of DVR or Netflix, food sitting somewhere on the floor or couch, my drill, dremel, and paint.

Since Mr. Superman deployed, I got more into DIY decor and refinishing furniture. Nikki, is a seriously incredible designer that helped me a ton in teaching me techniques and easier ways to do things. 

Now that I have a collection of stuff I've done and on my To Do List I figured why not share it with my Lovelies? So most Tuesdays for me are going to consist of this new meme and this week starts the link up! If you have any projects you've done, post it with the I Call A Do Over picture and then come back to link up so I can come check it out.

Without further ado, we dive in!

Now I don't know about you, but I love the look of using glass decor throughout my house. I have several antique crystal scotch bottles, a ton of apothecary jars, mirrors, old vintage dishes all in my kitchen... Its definitely something that catches the eye and can add so much by being such a small piece. For years now I have been totally obsessed with 

Italian Glass, fully colored or a bit transparent 


Milk Glass 


Mercury Glass


All these beautiful types of glass though, unless you are incredibly lucky and find them thrifted or get them as a gift, are super expensive. I don't have money to just go buy a fancy piece of glass. Now that I have finally begun overhauling the spare room that is our office, I was able to unpack some random boxes in which I rediscovered a crazy amount of old vases. I've had most for years and always knew I would use them as decor but never really had the right idea strike me. 

Well it struck and I love how all my pieces turned out.

I decided to do a sort of faux painted Italian glass just because they go better with the aesthetics of the room. I just used small paint brushes and painted the insides. The paint sticks and this way it can't scratch off the outside. The office is very mono-chromatic in shades of gray, black, and white but I threw in a punch of yellow to brighten it all up a bit. I loved that I had vases of all different shapes, sizes, and texture and made them even more individualized by using different mixtures of five shades of paint and using some water to give the gray pieces an uneven spotty look similar to tinted Mercury glass.

I can't wait to show you the office when its all done. I am just loving how its coming together.

Now show me what you have been up to. I love seeing what other people are doing with their creative bones. The link-up will be open for 2 days again so get linkin' up!


Adrienne said...

This is great! I love it! :) Good Job Rachelle!

Allie said...

Those look great!! Once we PCS I am totally digging out my inner crafter and getting to work!

Mel said...

Fantastic! How did you get the paint to stay without drips?

Also, I have finally finished the bench. I have one other project I'm working on, so I will probably link up tomorrow or Thursday. Can't wait to show you!

Adam+Tatum said...

What a good idea! I love the pop of yellow!

Christine said...

Thats such an awesome idea! I think I may have to do this + add some ivy or branches :)

Maranda said...

Okay. This is freaking awesome!

Amanda C. said...

I love it! They look awesome!!!

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

I really want to try this! Those glasses look awesome!

Kristi said...

This looks great! Now I'm trying to figure out where I could put something like that.