Deployment Clock With Goodnight Moon

Lovelies! Here we are again with another fabulous line up of guest bloggers to entertain you all while I am busy cleaning our new house from top to bottom, grocery shopping, and all of the ever-important mani/pedi, spray tan, waxing, and hair appointments in preparation for the big HOMECOMING!! I am so glad I have all of these wonderful Lovelies stepping in for me so I can focus on the important things not to mention so I can be sure to take breathers in between my anxiety attacks. So please be sure to show all of my wonderful Lovelies lots of love because they deserve it. Today I have Amber from Goodnight Moon. I love this woman. She is so honest and says what most people are too scared to. She's hilarious and has four of the most delicious chickens she calls her own.

You know the dreaded “D” word….D.E.P.L.O.Y.M.E.N.T.

It just glooms over your head like a storm cloud, where most days it actually thunder storms down on
you but on some days you might have a rainbow peeking out. Those rainbow days are awesome and
you hold onto those days as long as possible because you know that before long, another storm cloud is going to be lurking over your head.

While you’re going through your deployment, it seems like the days are never ending and the hours go
by so slowly during the day. Once you “x” off your days and are finally at the end of a month, you flip the calendar over only see another slew of days you have to get past. It is exhausting.

But have you noticed that when you are going through your deployment, the days/weeks/months just
lag on and on and on? But when you’re “SO” is home, and somebody else you know is going through
their deployment, it seems like their time went by super fast? It’s like “wow, your deployment went by
so fast, didn’t it feel that way to you”? The answer is always no! No, my deployment didn’t go by fast, it lagged and it sucked the life out of me from time to time.

But once you’re “SO” is finally home with you, safe in your arms, you realize that it seems as though no time has passed at all. All those months of being without one another, only seems like a mere memory. As if no time has passed at all.

So even though it may seem as if someone else’s deployment is going by fast for YOU, it never is for the person who is going through it themselves.


annoyed army wife said...

So true! I can't believe all the people who told me OccDoc's deployment 'just flew by'.

chambanachik said...

So true!

Goodnight moon said...

I think my computer is jacked up. Everytime I come on your blog, it acts up and most of the time I can't even see where I can post a comment?

Anyways....thanks so much for having me over for a visit! I'm sure your eating up all your hubs time now that he is home safe in your arms!!!!!


Maranda said...

So true! I've fallen prey to that as well with military friends...thinking their deployment has flown by...but I know the truth of that statement. It's because we don't live it every day with them. We aren't there on those sleepless nights. We aren't there on those mornings when they just want to sleep the day away to make it go faster.

Great post Amber, as always!