My Blogging World With Hold On, Love

Lovelies! Here we are again with another fabulous line up of guest bloggers to entertain you all while I am busy cleaning our new house from top to bottom, grocery shopping, and all of the ever-important mani/pedi, spray tan, waxing, and hair appointments in preparation for the big HOMECOMING!! I am so glad I have all of these wonderful Lovelies stepping in for me so I can focus on the important things not to mention so I can be sure to take breathers in between my anxiety attacks. So please be sure to show all of my wonderful Lovelies lots of love because they deserve it. Today I have the lovely Beka from Hold On, Love. She is incredibly charming and one of the sweetest Lovelies I have. I asked her for her take on a peek inside her blogging world.

"Q: I was wondering if maybe you'd want to write about how you got started in blogging, what kinds of blogs you read, what attracts you to reading those blogs..."

A: I just procrastinated a little bit and watched/listened to this song by the civil wars; one of my favorites in the music world. Why on earth would I do that? Procrastinate? Heck, it's only the first time I've ever guest-posted, and it was the lovely Mrs. S. who emailed me with the request. My goodness, I got excited :) I've loved her blog for a while. So....before I put this off till tomorrow or the next day with an excuse such as a blank brain or something, let me say a couple things: I'm beka, and I love to blog, I love to write, cook, bake, paint, take walks, brew coffee, and photograph all of the above.

So, when I started blogging . . . it was not for me. I set up a blogger account to co-write a webzine type of blog for young women: cameratismo. Too bad everyone's lives got super busy and we hardly posted after it got started up.  My first post for my blog was on September 13 2009. It was lyrics from a song I was obsessed with at the time. (It's still a really really good song.) But within a few months, I was . . . hooked. Though yes, I admit, I freaked when, at around 12 followers, a linkless follower clicked that f-button. For a while I was wondering if I should go private, if there were creepers out there reading my stuff. I've since gotten over that. I questioned a blogger friend up and down about her take on it all, and I felt safe with the advice she gave. Ha. I've posted recipes, paintings I've done, days that were beautiful, and random scenes and stuff that struck me as funny...such as some of the ones with the label siblings. ;)

The kind of blogs I read varies . . . Mainly, blogs that post things that I'm interested in, or blogs that are written by friends, and thus, I enjoy reading them no matter what. So. If I comprised a short list of subjects of blogs I follow? It would be mommy blogs, foodie blogs, military blogs, photography blogs, traveling/European blogs, decorating blogs, and you all know those just plain old freaking creative blogs.

The top things that attract me to the blogs I read are: The aesthetics of the site. Relatively clean, unjumbled (yes, I just made that word up ;), organized, purposeful, and, to an extent, carrying the taste and personality of the author. --Still talking about the look of the blog, not yet the actual content.
And if it's only one or two of the above characteristics mentioned, and I follow it, you know I find the writing worth it all. I'm a person who prefers space to think and read the blog, not be cloistered.

*laughs at self*

I love it when I find a blog where the writer, whether practiced or not, just says it as it is. Whether they're poetic, blunt, or just everyday, they're usually one or two of those together. Heck, you might run into a really wonderful blog where the author happens to (subconsciously) be all three.

Photos attract me. Food attracts me. Beautiful people do, too. Writing, most of all, has attracted me.
People have diverse ways of saying things. They have different --or completely mirrored-- thoughts about the same general subject, and yet their heart can come through in the writing, and the shades and tints of speech and phrases are different . . . and that's what makes it lovely.

I love that there are different styles, different feels to the text and emotion that is published. Yeah, I was kind of obsessed with the word different.

This was a pointed post, and my normal blog posts have the tendency to be quite random. And sometimes amusing. So, there you have it: some of the whys and hows of my blogging experience thus far.


Paula Kathlyn said...

So happy that your homecoming day is soon!!!!!!!! What a GREAT day that will be :)

chambanachik said...

Love it! Fabulous guesting, dear!