Pillow Talk: Charles Barkely Meets I'm Not A Camel Edition

Yes Lovelies, I'm still here.

I know my guest bloggers ended what seems like forever ago but between Mr. Superman going back to work a couple weeks ago and me switching my sleeping schedule around again so I can spend time with him, blogging has taken a super far back seat. I'm talking more than just sitting behind the driver in a Camry backseat. I mean short kid who can't see over his brothers head in the back seat of a Suburban full of a Mormon family and 6 other screaming kids so his tiny little voice can't be heard kind of backseat. Yeah.

Regardless, I have been finding time to read just not commenting so don't think I've completely neglected you all. So Mr. Superman's back at work working mid-shift. For people unfamiliar with this lovely little time frame that means he leaves the house Sunday through Thursday at 10:30 PM and doesn't return until the following morning until about 0930 and that's if he gets let out "on time". So much for 9 hour shifts eh? That's what happens when half the base returns from deployment only to have the other half be their "relief". The base doesn't slow down too much here but it does mean more work and longer shifts with way less manpower.


Our pillow talk didn't involve pillows but it was early morning when most of the world was sleeping. I texted him to let him know of a very dire situation I was facing. I was whining via text.

Warning: I am a bit crass so maybe in-laws should stop reading now. 

Me: I drank all the water and now I'm firstyyyyy
Him: So drink the fridge water lover. Just put lots of ice in it.
Me: Its yuckyyyyy
Him: You haven't even tried it.
Me: I have. Before you ever even lived here. Duh.
Him: I see. Then I suppose you might die from thirst. I will mourn you.
Me: Have fun jacking off.
Him: I won't. I will miss you turribly.
Me: Charles, you need to get water on your way home.
Him: We can go when we wake up.
Me: I'm not a camel. I need h2o.
Him: Well I cannot currently help you. AND you are a camel because you only need water like once a month or so.
Me: FALSE. You are faaaalssseee.
Him: Nope. Nope not ever.


Allie said...

Your exchanges always make me laugh. A lot of the things your husband says sounds eerily like mine! I am glad Mr. S is home and you're getting time together (:

Melissa said...

Hahaha, love this! We have missed you :)

Nicole Marie said...

Wow. Not gonna lie, that sounds like a conversation my husband and I would have. Lol. Cute.

I am glad he is home, but BOO for mid-shift!

Team Mama said...

Sorry- I kept reading! You two crack me up! Love you!

Beka said...

i have totally missed these pillow talks. they amuse me, and you guys are just plain adorable.
definitely boo for midshift. :P

Whitney said...

Haha! Love it! I swear... he sounds just like Kevin. We sure miss you guys as neighbors!

Stephanie said...

Haha, love it! I remember when J was on rotating shifts - 8 hours on, 8 hours off for 4 days, and then no work for 4 days. That was a BRUTAL couple of months.

Maranda said...

LOL! You are too funny! And not crass at all...