3 Weeks Later

Hey there Lovelies! Its Thursday, thank heavens, and its time for another Guest Blogger full of fabulosity. Its Amber from Goodnight Moon! I just love her. She's gorgeous, funny, super honest, and has the cutest family ever. Be sure to check her out :)

Mrs. S

invited me

to write a guest blog post for her
(and I must admit
I get super nervous writing for other blogs)
what life has been like
transitioning back to
whatever that is
my Fox returned home from his deployment.
As soon as the chickens
brought Fox home
I must admit
it was alittle awkward.
I was actually glad that the kids were here
as a buffer.
They went crazy
running circles
all around him.
I just sat there
watched the craziness.
exchanged smiles as our eyes locked on to each other.
We couldn't keep our eyes off one another.
It was such a great feeling.
It was like we were teenagers again
playing the hard to get game.
We really didn't speak much because the kids
were acting so crazy excited.
When we finally had a moment together
we just embraced.
Our hugs were so tight
our kisses were so
And then....
he wanted to see my new
I think he fell in love all over again
with them....
I mean
with me.
It was like we were on our honeymoon again.
There wasn't a moment
besides when he had to go back to work
which was immediately
that we weren't together.
We were constantly
holding hands
eye gazing at each other
leaving love notes around the house for each other
saying "I love you" face to face
feeding each other grapes
not really
it was pretty awesome to finally have him back
in the flesh.
I looked over every inch of his body
no kidding either!
Something that I realized
was that I had forgotten
what his feet looked like.
Isn't that weird?

I looked at his toes
I had to take a second look.
I had forgotten that his toe beside his big toe
is bigger then his big toe.
It made me sad to think that during his deployment
I had forgotten what his toes looked like.
The kids had a hard time when Fox had to go back to work.
They completely freaked out when they woke up
came into our room
daddy wasn't laying in bed.
When I told them that
"daddy was at work"
they started crying for him.
Daddy has been at "work" for the past 7 mths
in Afghanistan
in their little minds
that meant that daddy
was going to be gone for a long time again.
Now everynight when we tuck the kids into bed
Fox has to tell them
that when they wake up
he won't be here
he will be home for dinner.
Now that Fox has been home for 3 weeks
things are back to normal.
It's as if he never left.
Which is a really weird feeling.
Fox isn't just the "fun" parent any longer
he now gets on the kids for misbehaving
I can be a "fun" parent again.
He does all his husband duties around the house
some of my housewife duties
which has been awesome!
He has also made himself a wish list
of really expensive gadgets.
Like I said
it's as if he never left.
can finally say
under the same moon.


Sarah said...

Awwww!!! What a sweet, sweet post!!! =D I've said it before, but I'm so happy your hubby is home!! It's almost like celebrating my own hubby's return...ALMOST. =)

Anonymous said...

:) I can not wait for our homecoming! Hell, I cant wait for R&R coming up... even if it is a teaser!

L.C. said...

I love this :) Its all the good and happiness that homecomings are supposed to be! Bravo miss!

Goodnight moon said...

Thanks for having me over for a visit!!!!! I really enjoyed it!

Skinnie Piggie said...

Awwwww, this is great. I'm wondering what it's going to be like without the buffer of children, haha.

Jessica said...

What a great post! The last sentence almost made me cry.

JG said...

I love this post! Being a newb, one of my biggest fears is reintegration, especially with kids. I guess the sad stories are the ones that stick in your mind, even though I know tons of families who go through it and come out blessed again and again. Glad to see you were one of those!

Anonymous said...

Awwww that's such a great post!!! I loved it. I'm sure the transition was different but EXCITING all at the same time. I'm glad that things are back to normal and the kids are used to him being gone and then coming home the same day. I seriously loved this post, no need to be nervous about writing! =)

The WholeFamDamily said...

its true, it gets back to normal, especially with my hubby's career cuz he's gone for 2 months then back, then gone for 2 months, so he gets back into daddy/hubby role quickly, haha!
Sad for the kids, they get confused too, that's sad and sweet at the same time. Glad he's back and it's back to life as usual, well...life as extraordinary now :)

Maranda said...

Oh man! Another doozy of a post! Love it! I totally got all teary eyed! When The Hubble came home and went back to work I told Little Butt he was at work but quickly told her he would be home that night. It's so hard to explain to kids. Great post mama! Love it!

Neidy said...

What an AMAZING post! I love it :) That is simply adorable. Homecoming...only 100 days away! :)