One of Those Military Wife Lessons

I have a very special treat. I have The Mrs. blogging today and I'm stoked. I seriously just love this girl. She's one of those real life friends as well as a BB. She and I have the same type of personality and came into this military world around the same time. She's also from the desert (She's from Vegas. I'm from AZ) and got transplanted in the Deep South for their first duty station. She tells it like it is and I.LOVE.IT. Be sure to go and follow her because she is fabulous. Also, to preface this post, this is her experience and she's not lumping all young military wives together. Just a big chunk that we all know exist. A group that her and I have dubbed The Drama Llamas. Enjoy!

"I'm sure most of the people reading this are wives. I'm not sayin' there aren't military husbands, but let's be real.. they are few and far between and I'm sure most of them don't blog in their down time.
Anyway, with us all being women, we all know the drama that surrounds us in life. (We all know it does, don't try and act like your life has been 100% drama free). If you're like me, you want to be accepted, especially in this crazy military life. Most of us got thrown into this lifestyle not knowing a damn thing. So what do we do? We find other women that are in the same position and try and be friends. If you moved with your husband during tech school/AIT I'm sure you know exactly where I'm going with this.

We find ourselves trusting people extremely fast and deeply. We feel that we have some sort of common ground so these people are alright.. right? WRONG! These (usually young, immature) wives are just like they were the year previously in High School. These women (girls) aren't ready to be ripped away from mommy and daddy and definitely not ready to budget, grocery shop, cook, clean or even have normal adult friendships. Above all they just aren't ready to be wives. (Especially wives that send their husband off to war)

Part of me blames movies for this. I feel like movies make marriage to be a wonderfully easy cakewalk and well, as you probably know, it's far, far from.

Now I met the wonderful Mrs. S. while our husbands were in Tech School. Along with her I also met two other.. um.. girls. One became my roommate and the other one was Mrs. S's (Now looking back we should have switched and everything would have been perfect.) It became a clusterfvck very, very fast. Between the other two girls there was infidelity, pregnancies, lying, abuse and DRAMA. Everywhere they went it was drama.

When you're already sucked in there isn't much you can do. So what do you do when you're surrounded by the typical young military wife? RUN! Run fast and far away. Haha, just kidding. They aren't all bad, but just be careful. Now, on the other hand, I've met some absolute awesome military wives. The kind of wives I thought everyone would be. The ones where I could call day or night and know they'd be here for me.

It's difficult to make friends in general, but when you throw the stress of deployments and moving around every 2-3 years in the mix most civilians just don't understand. That's why it is SO important to make military friends, but watch out because some are just flat our CRAZY!"

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