Cody's Letters July 10th-July 12th

Saturday, July 11, 2009

"It has been an absolutely crazy last 2 days. Friday wasn't too horrible to be honest, just busy. Our regular TI SSGT. Yodar had to be in a parade for a retiring general or something so we had a different TI all day. I was kinda worried about it at first cause Sgt. Yodar is relatively laid back, but this guy wasn't too bad at all. We did really well as a flight and actually got a compliment. BTW, that's a BIG DEAL. I think we may have had some other appointments but things farther back than today really start to just blend together.

Okay now to today. I was lucky enough to be selected for KP duty. I was one of 15 from our flight to be selected. Lucky me. I was up at 0315 and at the kitchen by 0400. Then I got to work in the kitchen until 2015. Whoopee... We did get a little more food and more time to eat than everyone but that was the only plus of the day. My job was trash and believe me, there was constantly trash to take out. That was literally all I did, all day. But I did my time and hopefully that's the only time I have KP for a long time. And with that as my last thought, I leave you all for bed. Goodnight."

Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Well today was a good day. Compared to other days, today was super relaxed and laid back. I got to talk to my extraordinary wife, spend time in the quiet peace of church, and I got some good time to eat. We did have our first inspection today for our clothes and beds and stuff but it wasn't anything we weren't expecting. This one didn't count and now we have a chance to fix everything. And that sums up my day. I love Sundays!!"

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Robyn said...

Yay for letters! Thanks so much for sharing them!