Final Catch Up on June

Alright I finally finished uploading my pictures from June!

Aiden loved jumping on the trampoline with Cody because Cody bounces him up so high. Don't mind my bright red chest and neck, I randomly break out in horrible hives and that just happened to be one of those days.

These are from when we went out to dinner with Cody's friend Robby and my friend Erin. Robby looks happy doesn't he?

Cool story: Cody & I tried setting Erin up with Robby while he was still on his mission, but she started dating this other guy. Things didn't work out with that guy so after Cody left, I put energy into setting them up again, and they've hit it off completely! They are so cute together and I am so excited! Haha its like best friends dating best friends. Yay for me and my cupid skills :)

Its funny, because any guy that dates Erin, has to arm wrestle her mom, Connie. Its kind of a lose lose situation. If the guy loses, he's a wuss, if he wins, he's a jerk. Robby did very well. It was a "draw". Ha yeah right. Then everyone insisted on having an arm wrestling tournament.

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