Picture Time!!

Here are some more Fourth of July pictures. Parker was loving to pose, Shay and Aiden were lovin' on each other, Aiden found Abby's tutu and it seemed to be just the right match for his cowboy boots. We laughed so hard at the one of Shay and Aiden where it looks like he's rubbin' her pregnant belly. :)

Every year all us girls do Fourth of July toes so that explains the circle of mine, Amber's, Katie's, Jalen's, and Abby's toes.

There was a cousin communal bath at the end of the night and Jacob was so embarrassed. What's funny is that Jacob & Zac had gotten in first, then Aiden took of his diaper and climbed in then about 2 minutes later Shaycee waddles in naked and gets in too. Even funnier, is Aiden stood up about 5 minutes after being in and stood in the corner of the tub and totally peed. The kids didn't see it but Gin and Amber and I were just dying laughing. Jacob asked if Aiden had pee'd and we had to fib to keep mayhem from occurring.

Then there's one of all the grand-kids gathering for Zachy to blow out his candles. It was hilarious, we were all singing and right at the end of the song, Aiden leaned over and blew out Zac's candles! We had to re-light them and Aiden was so broken-hearted when he didn't get to blow them out again.

You can tell I had been crying all day in the one with Aiden. I just couldn't stop thinking about Cody. I was an emotional wreck.

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