Cody's Letters July 6th-July 9th

Wooot!! I am such a lucky girl! I came home and got the mail not expecting anything except bills and my parents mail and I had not one, but TWO envelopes from Cody. Granted one is all official paperwork on his graduation and such but still. Ha ha. Here they are folks!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

"Today was our first morning of PT so we were up at 0445 and on the PT Pad sweating by 0505. It was a tough work out but I made it through. We assigned more positions today like Dorm Chief and Element Leaders. My job is Academic Monitor. All that means is that I call role before class and report it to the instructor. Pretty darn easy. My detail also got changed from Latrine Cleaning to Utility Closet. All I do is hand out cleaning supplies to everybody. Its easy and away from the TI's. That's really all we've done today. We had two classes this morning and spent all afternoon perfecting our area."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"I got a letter today!!! Thank you so much Chelle for making my day. Today wasn't too bad of a day. There was a big thunderstorm this morning so we didn't do PT today. It was certainly humid this afternoon though. Luckily they have a heat system so that when it gets too hot, they limit what we can do. So far we've hit the highest limit everyday. It's uncomfortable but not too horrible. This morning we practiced drill (marching) and this afternoon we did processing paperwork for I's and stuff. We've finally gotten to the point where the TI's leave for good at dinner time and we spend the rest of the evening cleaning and folding/rolling clothes with exact precision. I'm proud to say I'm getting better!"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Today I got a big Penicillin shot right in the butt. Needless to say it hurt like the dickens and everyone is limping. This is actually the 4th shot I've gotten since arriving and there's more to come. The worst part is that the Medical area is on the far side of the base. It's a long hot walk. We also were issued our M16's today and given a class on how to assemble and disassemble them. it seems cool but really its just another thing to haul around in the heat. We won't actually shoot until our fifth week."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Today was a super long day but a good one nonetheless. I had to get up at 0215 (that's 2:15 am) to perform entry control duty. That means I'm up in full uniform for a 2 hour shift making sure everyone is accounted for and if anyone wants in the dorm I have to make sure they have authority. There is someone on EC duty 24 hours a day, I just happened to get a night shift today. Luckily everyone else got up at 0400 because we had to be at dental and glasses appointment super early. It also meant no PT today so lucky me. Dental and glasses were easy but took like 6 hrs. After lunch we had classes and dinner and more classes. We just had mail call and I was lucky enough to get a card from Chelle and a letter from Carrie. There really is nothing better in the day than getting a letter. Thank you so much."

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Robyn said...

Yay for letters! Sent one today- more going out tomorrow! I'll try to send something every day or so. Thanks for posting these! Love you <3 <3 <3