Time for some really late posts

Here I am finally getting around to posting our pictures from Las Vegas. On our way back to AZ we spent 3 days in Vegas and had a blast. The drive from UT to Vegas was gorgeous. The first two pictures are actually from the short drive through AZ. We loved all the buildings and lights on the strip. The buffets, the V variety show, Cody drooling over nice cars, Cody's ginormous long lizard tongue, and so much much more made our trip fantastic, and the pictures are included to give you guys just a small taste. We loved seeing the MGM lions and the sweet aquarium at Mandalay Bay. Cody loved the indoor malls that made it look like we were outside and no matter where we were on the strip, we had Donny and Marie lookin' over everyone. The street performers were creepy yet cool and best of all we finally got to spend time, by ourselves, with no family around, for 3 days. Ha ha anyways... It was a blast! Enjoy lovelies :)

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