Cody's Letters June 29-July 5

This last Friday I got my first letters from Cody!! Here they are :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

"Well its been a super long day already and its not going to end anytime soon. Currently I'm sitting at the airport but I'll be at this airport another four hours. I spent six hours already today at MEPS doing pretty much nothing. After a quick swear-in they sent us here. After leaving SLC I have a 1.5 hour layover in Dallas then on to San Antonio. That will be at 10:40 PM and I still have an hour bus ride! Tomorrow morning is going to come awfully early."

Tuesday, June 30, 2009- Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Holy cow its been a crazy week. We didn't get in and settled until 3 AM Tuesday morning. There hasn't been as much yelling as I expected but it has been super stressful. Its been over 100 degrees everyday and super humid. The ABU's we wear are not made for this. Even inside, its a constant sweat. There are 52 in my flight from all over the country. We're finally starting to work together (ps its Sunday night). That means the yelling is going down and the privileges are going up, hence the letter writing. Its definitely been a long week though. I've certainly learned a lot though. Marching, bed making, clothes folding, bathroom cleaning... I think you get the point. Luckily this week things get rolling. Well thats all for now. Hopefully we'll do well this week and I'll get to write more. Until next time, love you all."

Here are some excerpts from the letter directly to me.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Our TI (training instructor) is brand new so he doesn't yell too much compared to the others. He's actually pretty laid back when its just us and him. We're his first flight so we're all learning together. This week has been long but looking back we've come a long way. The stress is ridiculous but I'm finally adjusting."

"We got our jobs the other day. I'm on Latrine Crew. Its not as bad as it sounds cause there are 10 of us in there all together. Oh ya, want to hear something funny? We got in trouble for dirty bathrooms like the 2nd day and from then on, we all have to sit to pee. Believe me, its a pain. But its no biggie all things considered."

"I am so thankful for the Gospel right now. To tell the truth, I pray at least hourly. Its what gets me through the day. Church was amazing today. Hopefully you got the email from the missionary couple here. Brother and Sister Reynolds are so amazing and I am so thankful they are here. Just listening to them is such a comfort, I am close to tears every time. Church will surely be a highlight every week. We actually have a pretty good sized branch here. I'll meet with the Branch Presidency next week. I'm the only LDS guy in my flight but its no big deal. I love the Church so much and can't wait for next week."

OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!! I was getting ready for church this morning when my cell phone rings with a 210 area code. I jumped at it and it was my love!!! Oh my gosh I was trying so hard not to cry. Ha ha I told Cody I couldn't because I had already finished my makeup. It was so unbelievably good to hear his voice. He was calling to give me some information but he was able to talk for about 15 minutes. It was much too short but was amazing! I said, "You're alive!!" He laughed and told me he was good. He said this last week had gotten a lot better and he expected it to just keep getting better. We talked about little things. He did get really emotional at one point, which greatly threatened my mascara, ha ha but he said, "Oh Chelle, everyone cries here." That made me laugh. He really likes his flight and his brother flight and said his TI is pretty cool. I just couldn't get over how fantastic it was to be talking to him and listening to his voice. 7 more weeks until I get to see his lovely face and get a big hug and smooch!


Robyn said...

Oh wow! Thanks for sharing these! Nana & Toni & Steve are here for dinner and I shared the letters. Made me cry and laugh both! So proud of the two of you for what you're doing! Love you!!!

Amy Juhasz said...

I don't know how you do it lady! That has to be so tough not getting to talk to him every day. I hope these next 7 weeks pass as quickly as possible!