Update Schmupdate

So for the last few weeks, I have been having a building pressure on my pelvis that has transformed into severe pain. On Sunday night, it got nearly intolerable. I got a blessing from my dad and from Cody's friend Robby. I had just been planning on waiting until the next day until I went to Urgent Care. After the blessing though, I knew I had to go the the ER right away. My mom took me over to Banner Gateway and I got in relatively quickly. I even got put into a room with an actual bed! It took them a while to get pain meds started so that was pretty rough.

They took a urine sample and blood test which both came back negative for pregnancy. THANK HEAVENS. That meant not another ectopic pregnancy which was such a huge relief because the pain is pretty similar. They ordered and ultrasound and discovered a lot (way more than expected) of free fluid on my pelvis. The doctor came to the conclusion that I had a severely ruptured ovarian cyst on my left ovary. Yay for me! They told me to get in with my regular OB as soon as possible.

I have been the recipient of God's tender mercies time and time again. I called in to the doctor but was told they had no openings. About an hour later I got a call saying there had been a cancellation. Woo hoo!! Amber took me in and now I am waiting to hear back from my doctor because I will be going back in for another laporoscopy procedure. They will be going in to remove any other cysts and just make sure everything is as normal as possible. The pain is pretty bad but I am not vomiting anymore, thank goodness so I am able to keep down the pain meds. That's my update!


Amy Juhasz said...

Man Rachelle! You just need a break from all this, huh!? Ovarian cysts are killer :( Sorry you have had so much pain and trouble lately! Good luck with the procedure. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Tasha Doty said...

Hey Rachelle!
If you need anything just call girl! You got it so tough with everything. Just hang in there :)

McGee said...

Goodman and Partrigde have awesome ob and gynos! you should check them out if you're looking for a dr. let me know if i can do anything for you ok!! you are in my prayers! i love you!

Steven and Alexa said...

I'm sorry to hear all of this Rachelle. It SUCKS that Cody is gone, and you get to deal with this on your own. I know you have tons of support, but its just not the same as having your hubby with you. Hang in there girlie!