YAY!! Some Happiness :)

Yesterday, I got a big surprise!! I got back to J&K's & after putting the kids to bed, I checked my email. Waiting for me, was an email from a Brother & Sister Reynolds who are full time missionaries serving in San Antonio. Part of their mission is meeting all of the new recruits at Lackland and contacting their families for them. The email just had basic information but I got pictures of Cody too! It made my life currently. HaHa

"05 JULY 09

To The Family of Airman Basic Cody Steele;

We are full-time missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, serving in San Antonio, Texas. As part of our Church assignment, we had the opportunity to meet Cody on Sunday at the Base Chapel. He gave us permission to e-mail his address and photographs (which are attached below). His address at Lackland AFB is:

331 TRS / FLT 578 - Dorm B-2
PSC #3
1320 Truemper Street
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-5570

Graduation is scheduled for 28 August 09. Graduation dates may change, therefore, we suggest that you confirm the graduation date with your trainee before purchasing tickets that cannot be modified. The following website gives considerable information about Basic Military Training (BMT) Graduation.

Trainees may not be able to write or call home for the first couple of weeks until their flight earns the privilege, therefore encouraging letters from home would be welcome by them. We are confident that the Trainees will write as soon as permission is granted by their Military Training Instructors (MTI's).


Elder and Sister Reynolds
Military Relations Missionaries
Lackland AFB, Texas
(619) 888-7199
(619) 770-9900"

We had already been aware of most of this stuff but just being able to have correspondence with someone who had just seen Cody was fantastic!!

Then to top that off, I FINALLY got a call back from one of the 50+ jobs I've called on, applied to, sent resumes over on. I have an interview tomorrow!! I am so stoked. Everyone cross your fingers and pray for me!!

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Robyn said...

I just got internet at the new house today and the first thing I did was look for these pictures. I will admit- I cried!!! So handsome and I am so proud of him. I put a "My son is in the Air Force" sticker in my car window on the 4th of July! <3 <3 <3