Cody's Letters July 21st-July 23rd

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Hello again. So today was a strictly business day but it was fun nonetheless. Today we had two classes on self-aid and buddy care, also known as SABC. We took one class all morning and one all afternoon. The classes we took today focused on learning about the life giving systems and how to keep them going. So half of the class was in the traditional classroom and half was outside practicing on dummies and each other. We practiced things like finding a pulse, applying tourniquets and splints, dressing and bandaging limb wounds, head wounds and abdominal wounds. We learned how to seal a punctured lung and how to replace organs that are outside of the body. We also practiced placing tubes through the nose to open the airway. We have two more SABC classes tomorrow so it should be another fun day."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"So like I said, today was another strictly business day. We had two more SABC classes. The first kinda was boring. We learned about burns, frostbite, heat stroke, and chemical attacks. There wasn't any more application that we hadn't practiced yesterday so it was just a class. This afternoon we learned and practiced victim transportation. So we were out in the sun dragging, rolling, and lifting each other around. We also built improvised stretchers and practiced with those. We have base details tomorrow so we'll all be up at 0200 so I'm off to bed!"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"So like I said, we had base details today and I was one of two picked to do Chapel detail. I still had to get up at 0200 because half of the flight had KP duty and had to be at the kitchen at like 0315. I didn't have to leave until 0830 so I spent a lot of time just chillin' in the dorm. When we got to Chapel duty, I found out it was going to be super easy. All I did was basic housework like windows, vacuuming, trash, and stuff. The thing is, it was all pretty darn clean. I also scored an orange soda and a poptart during a break. So other than getting up early, it was a pretty easy day."

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