Cody's Letters July 13th-July 18th

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Well its official, I'm sick. Definitely not fun. Its just a super runny nose and sore throat but its really the last thing I needed here. If I was to guess though, I would say that half of the 51 of us have some sort of cold. Luckily, today was easy as far as BMT goes. PT went by really quickly and we had a really interesting AF History class all morning. It was basically watching a documentary about everything from the Wright brothers to the end of WWII. We'll get to have a class on the rest sometime later. After lunch we practiced weapons breakdown and reassembly. Almost everyone here can already beat the time we need to pass the test. Okay well like I said, it was a slow day, so until tomorrow, peace."

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

"Today was probably one of the most fun days of BMT yet. We spent the morning practicing for our upcoming drill evaluation (in the shade) and in the afternoon we got to learn and practice integrated base defense. That means we were outside low crawling through the sand, beating rubber torsos with our M-16's and practicing tactical movements. It was fun to get out and do something rather than just learning about it. We all came in tired and dirty and rather cheerful. All in all it made for a pretty good day."

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Today was a really good day. Why is that you ask? Two things, a Dr. Pepper and a crunch bar. But lets back up a second. We got up this morning at 0200 because we had flight details around the base. One group had to get up that early so everyone did. My job was to issue clothing to the zero-weekers and I didn't have to leave until 0700. So once the dorm was clean and set up, my group just chilled and napped in our chairs. Our detail was pretty easy. We handled combat bot issue and got to boss the new kids around. When the end of our detail came around 1600, the Sergeants we were working for (not TI's) said we did a great job and gave us a can of soda and a candy bar. I took the time to savor mine. It was pure bliss. And that was my day. Ok well we are having clothing and locker inspection tomorrow morning so I have to go perfect some underwear."

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Well put another day down in the books for me. We started the morning with another Integrated Base Defense class where we learned how to guard a base and apprehend potential hostiles. It was a super long class with time split between a sweltering classroom and the slightly warmer outdoors. The heat is worth it though just to get out and do something. Then this afternoon we had our first real inspection. I'm proud to say I passed. Only about 1/2 of our flight passed everything the first time. If you failed an area you get to try again tomorrow and if you fail again, you're in hot water. But I have nothing to worry about. Okay its bedtime for me. I was lucky enough to be on Entry Controller duty from 0030 to 0230 this morning so I'm pooped. Goodnight everyone."

Friday, July 17, 2009

"Today was a pretty slow moving day but we did get some important things done. We had part one of career guidance which really only included some paperwork. We did get to fill in our base wish list though. Unfortunately I won't be assigned a base until Tech School. Other that that all we did was get our 3 pairs of glasses. We got some butt ugly BCG's aka birth control glasses, our gas mask goggles, and our frames of our choice. My frame of choice is pretty basic black frames. They are super comfy though. We only have to wear BCG's when we do super physical stuff like BEAST and stick fighting."

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"Well today had its ups and downs but I made it through. We started today with a PT evaluation and I did better than I thought. Our first evaluation back in our first week was really bad. I'm sure it was because of the stress and also getting used to breathing such humid air. But this time I was back to my usual run time and I improved on push ups, sit ups, and pull ups. As a flight we got our dorms set up really quickly which earned us an actual compliment from our TI. Then this afternoon we had a drill evaluation which we sucked at. I think we got a 2 out of 10. But I our TI thought that was crap because the evaluator was new and the best score he gave was a 3. So we didn't get in trouble for that but we do have to get better. So that's another day down and tomorrow is Sunday!!"

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