Finder's Keeper's

So something whack is going on with my camera. I looked over and over again, and even had other people look to see if I was crazy but my Harry Potter and camping pictures really were nowhere to be found on my camera. Last night, I plugged my camera in and they showed up on my computer. So bizarre!! So here are all the pictures from Harry Potter which we had a blast at. My friend Erin and I went and I took Jalen with us because she loves HP just as much as me! The crazy people all dressed up were funny/interesting albeit obnoxious and annoying beyond belief. I decided this was my last midnight showing of any movie. It was hard to enjoy the movie with all the cat calls and chatter and screaming and laughing and clapping throughout the entire movie. Cody and I will just go and enjoy movies like a week after they come out. It was a good time though. Here are the pics!

This is the only kid that cracked me up with his costume. Here he was supposed to be a giant Hagrid, but he was so tiny. He was pretty cute though.

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