Sharin some picture love

I was so excited to have a picture post full of the goings-on in my life right now but I am so mad!! I went to go upload all the camping pictures and Harry Potter pictures and my memory card is empty!!! I am so upset, I don't know what happened.

Before I got sick, my friend Erin and I had been working out everyday! We love our P90X yoga and ab ripper and plyometrics. We also had been running and doing water aerobics. Since I'm not allowed to work out right now, we spend our time just hanging out but she is the best work out partner ever. We just laugh and have a great time. It helps that when I'm sore and walkin funny, she is too :)

This is from about 3 weeks ago. I had gone to the temple with Amber and then afterwards my mom had wanted to get out of the house if only for a few hours. We went and just walked around Target and then went to Chili's for dinner. I insisted on a picture because I do not have a single picture of just me and my mom and my sister.

I can't resist posting the many pictures I have of me and Aiden baby. He's just too cute to not share.

This kid has a mean throw and swing. Watch out when he has a bat or a ball. He is 2 and already throws like a pro. This is him posing with his step and throw pitcher's stance.

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Lindsey Layton said...

Fun! I have been thinking a lot about P90X. Is it everything it's cracked up to be?!