A bit of sunshine on a cloudy Sunday

I've been doing some Sunday cruising on the blogs and was checkin' up on my new friend Mrs. G.I. Joe  and I fell in love with this video she had posted. I completely agree with her on the fact that I was crying through the entire thing. Good tears! Mr. Superman and I have been extremely lucky in the fact that we are still fairly new to the military world (a year is still baby status), so we have not yet had to deal with deployments. This has gotta be one of the only and best highlights of said deployments. Enjoy, share, support our troops!

♥ Mrs. S.


Katie Savvy Steele said...

Well, yup I bawled too. Oh man that just makes me think of when Steve came home. Thanks for posting this.

Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

I ADORE this video and I'm so glad you reposted it! Thanks so much for the shoutout!

Things have been completely chaotic in our house so tonight is my night to catch up on emails and I have been meaning to respond to your comments. I swear I'm not trying to be a snob :)

So happy you liked this as much as I did!

Mrs. Ma'am said...

I cried my eyes out! As another Air Force Wife, we may not experience the deployments to the length of other soldiers, but we still experience all of this. I am currently going through a development and this is our second one. The first one was 8 months long, felt like a lifetime. And this one is only 4 months, which has gone by so quick. Just remember that deployments happen! Thanks for sharing the video. I hadn't seen this one yet!

Hannah Noel said...

Holy cow, you had me bawling within 10 seconds--- not a lot makes me cry! We haven't had a deployment either, but I have a feeling we'll have one by the fall or Christmas :(.