Calling All Followers

Okay first off let me say holy batman! to the fact that I have 59 followers. That is insane. I love it. Every time I see the numbers have gone up I get SO giddy and have to tell Mr. Superman. Secondly, I have been wanting to do something to get to know all of you better and to feel like you guys knew me in return. I know a few of you have already asked me your questions on my Q&A post but I refuse to answer only a FEW questions. I have come up with a little plan to entice you all to come out of the secret follower woodwork and let me see your blog personality. 

The Q&A will close once I have 75 followers. When I get 75 followers I will also close the fabulous giveaway that is opening today. Did you get all that?

Mrs. S. is having a giveaway!!

To qualify for this giveaway you have to ask me a MINIMUM of two questions ON my
Q&A Post

I have gotten emails from people that were too iffy on whether or not a question was too personal or too much of a "going there" question. I've said it before and I'll say it again that I don't get offended. I am by nature a very curious and yes, sometimes nosy person so I understand wanting to know a little sump'in sump'in from someone. My religion, marriage, past, future, hopes, dreams, surgeries, infertility, hair, house, hobbies, ANYTHING, is open for questions. Get creative, get curious, and get asking!


Two questions will get you one entry.
If you start following me on twitter you get another entry.
If you tweet about it using my handle, you get another entry.
If you ask me another two questions, you get another entry.
If you give me a shameless shout out and link up on your blog, you get TWO more entries.
If I get another follower (or however many) that leaves me a comment saying they saw me on YOUR page, you get another entry.


If you already follow me on twitter, make sure to still leave a comment and let me know.
If you ask three questions, you still only get one entry.
You may tweet about this, with my handle, once a day. Every tweet is another chance.  (Be sure to let me know, every time you tweet)
Questions from Anonymous posters will not be counted BUT I will answer them.

See how easy this is? You could have so many wonderful chances to win!

Now to be sure that everything you are doing is kept track of, leave a separate comment for each thing you do either on this post or the Q&A. Obviously your questions will be kept track of easily on the Q&A but the twitter or the shameless shout outs can be left on here and I will be sure to keep very close track of everything.

That's it! Easy peasy pumpkin pleasy huh? Ya'll have until 16 more people decide to follow me :) I will announce the prizes by the end of this week. I may have a first and second place but I haven't decided. There will probably be three different prizes to choose from so when it gets closer you can be thinking about which one you would choose. Thanks guys! You are all seriously the best :)

♥ Mrs. S.


Jaime said...

i'm a twitter friend! (and i just asked 4 questions on your Q&A. i figure if I want people to ask me ?s on mine, i should at least return the favor and ask on theirs!)

A Marine's Wife! said...

I respond to your post shortly..however!!!! I want to tell you about the secret event! you're two hours from jville, nc? lucky for you the event hasnt happened yet..its THIS saturday! you should come up!

Mrs. Ma'am said...

I'm a follower on twitter, and I have already asked you a few questions. Just letting you know :) I know when my time comes, I want questions, too! Hope you are having a fabulous week! I'll go tweet about you now, too :)

A Marine's Wife! said...

Following you on twitter now! And tweeted about it! And I'll be sure to do the rest! I want to win haha!

Nicole said...

New follower and commenting on the behalf of A Marine's Wife! You go girl! haha.

Team Mama said...

Ok- so here's a dumb question since I don't see a link or anything. How do I become a follower? Or am I one already (since I DO follow you)? Thanks from your dumb MIL!!!

Katie Savvy Steele said...

I follow you on twitter. Whootwhoot! :]

BryceandWhit said...

Ok so here is my two questions....
-What day is your anniversary??? Me and hubby got married in Oct 2007 too!!! On the 13th to be exact:)
-How do you guys find friends in the military that are LDS too???
We were stationed at Ft. Campbell and we were too young for anyone in our ward and all the other Army couples were a little to crazy for us...(even tho we can totally be fun sober)

My sister lives in Gilbert still and another sis in chandler so we always go there...Oh and my husbands whole fam is from there:)

Mrs Gambizzle said...

Hi. Just started following your blog, saw you on Nicole's page @ Flip Flops and Combat Boots! :) Love the blog!