My First Award!!

Oh I am so excited! I got my very first blog award today from one of my newest blog friends over at Flip Flops & Combat Boots. She is so great! I love her posts and check her blog everyday. I totally want her to know I am sending it right back to her but won't list it since she just got one too. This award is given to bloggers that inspire others and show positivity and creativity. I went ahead picked blogs that I visit daily and also inspire me. Have fun and pass it on lovelies!!

Mrs. P @ A Little Pink in a World of Camo
Marie @ ABU's & Cute Tennis Shoes
Erin @ Deployment Woes
Jaime @ Fearfully. Wonderfully
Mrs. Sykes @ Forever Yours. Semper Fi
Sarah @ G.I. Joe's Wife
Hannah Noel @ That [Officer's] Wife
Sarah @ Misadventures in Matrimony
JG @ Me & My Soldier Man

Enjoy my dear ones!

♥ Mrs. S.

*Edited* After I posted this I was letting my blog award winners know that I had given it to them and found out that I had not only won one award from one of my fantastic friends but two from another! Shout out to Mrs. Sykes! Girl you are amazing!

I am so stoked! Woo :)


Hannah Noel said...

Thanks so much! :)
I love you and the Mr.'s story!

A Marine's Wife! said...

Thanks for the give back! I love reading your blog and looove all your pictures!

Mrs P said...

Thanks girl! I am lazy about posting them so don't be offended if ya don't see it but I really do appreciate it!! <3

Sarah Ann said...

Thank you! You're so sweet. =]

JG said...

Why thank you!! I'll have to check out the other blogs you listed.

Eric and Marie said...

Woohoo! I saw you gave me one, I've just been so busy to post it. I will soon, promise! :)