Mr. Superman is The Cure

No, not the band. For those who know me IRL, you know all about my female issues. All about how my periods confined me to my house for 12 days, leaving me passing out and vomiting. Yeah those female issues. I have tried every single remedy, trick, suggestion, pain killers, dr's advice known to man and nothing ever fixed them. After getting the "you can't have a baby" news, I decided it was time to go back to school. For me to go to school, I needed to be able to leave my house so I tried the one thing I hadn't tried. I got an IUD. I know it has the few months where your body is transitioning, blah blah blah. My dr. said since I had never carried to term and given birth it was going to be a much more painful, harder transition for my body. Its been fine I guess. I mean yeah I have cramps every day but its okay. Let me just tell you that right now, I AM DYING. Thank heavens for Mr. Superman who noticed how badly I am hurting. He scrubbed out the tub and just left to get me some ice cream. Amazing yes? So I'm off to hopefully survive my cramps and have a good weekend with my (Air)man. I hope ya'll have a great weekend and if you don't see me before the end, you will see me Monday.





♥ MRS. S.


A Marine's Wife! said...

mmmm heaven :)

Ashleigh said...

Aw :( I'm sorry your crampy today - and often, it sounds like! But YAY for a supportive and loving husband! That's so sweet of him!
x o x o

Semperfi_love said...

I can read your blog!! Haha. The text you had before made it impossible for me to focus enough to read. Now I can fully enjoy your blog! And it's wonderful! :-)

Adam+Tatum said...

I am a NP, as well as a fellow out of the world periods survivor! Are you taking magnessium daily...as it is a natural muscle relaxor, have you been prescribed celebrex? It is not a conventional drug used for menstrual cramps, however, it can be highly effective. Also, have you used any essential oils...more specific. dragon oil? Its a topical oil that can reduce uterine cramps. You can use all these in combination! e-mail me if you need more info...tatumrenee144@yahoo.com.....ps I was told last year I would and could not ever bare children....I am not sure of all your details, but I can tell you we (in the medical world) don't always know what we are talking about! I don't know if it helps at all, but I can relate to you! Have a wonderful week-end with your sweet hubby!

Team Mama said...

Have a wonderful weekend! So sorry you are still in so much pain! Yay for Cody for being supportive and getting you ice-cream! Miss you much! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

Um. Whats an IUD?

Feel better!

Iva said...

I am so sorry about the pain!! :(

Anonymous said...

Ice cream does make everything better. This may be to personal, but could all these crazy cramps have anything to do with a cyst on your ovary?

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

My name is Carmen and I'm sort of new to the whole blogger community (I migrated from xanga) and I'm trying to make some new military friends. I just thought I would stop by and say hello! =)

I got the IUD a year ago (I have never tried to have kids) and it was so horrible for the first few months and my periods are the exact same way. I have a lot of female issues too of which I have to go to the doc every 3 months for (such a pain!) but I'm so glad that the Mr. was able to help you feel better. There was one time my cramps will deathly to me so my fiance drew me a bath and sat in the tub with me and rubbed my back.. aww! Our men really know how to make us feel better! I hope you're feeling better today!