Stroll Down Memory Lane

Okay, I was a little super eccentric when I was younger. So much so that I wrote a "Dear Future Hubby" letter when I was 15. I wrote several before that but my 15 year old self actually had the piece of mind to save this letter and put it into a notebook not to be discovered again until 2010. Yeah. I found it, still sealed of course, about died, then gave it to Mr. Superman to open. For some inexplicable reason, there were two Dove Chocolate wrappers inside... oh yeah and the letter was signed with my pink, glittery, lip-gloss smothered lips. True Story. 

"Hey Lover! 
        Well here we are, married. I am so glad I met you. I am in Seminary right now. (Present day Mrs. S here, Seminary was my elective religion class in high school) I am 15 years old and it is 4/07/03. You are my #1 reason to live. At least, I'm assuming so. You're hot... I hope so. I'm really shallow, hopefully I'll change. I love you so much and my dad was just kidding, he really does like you.  ♥Always,     
              Your wife, Rachelle"

Ummm wow. Let me just clarify any thoughts you may be having about my 15 year old self. I was indeed extremely shallow. Ha, at least I was being honest. I really was though. Exhibit A: I was at a dance once and a cute guy asked me to dance. We danced 3 or 4 times and I was crushing hard. At the end, I saw him in the light and he was cute.... except the fact that he had a lazy eye. I almost threw up, made an excuse about having to leave, and got gone fast. Also, I did change. I'm not shallow anymore. I got so lucky with Mr. Superman. He saved me and he is incredibly, absolutely, and extraordinarily, in love with ME. Good thing he didn't meet me until I was 18. I was a little less eccentric and had appreciation for some more important things than "hotness" although I did score big on that front too. I laughed so hard when I read the dad comment. Like almost fell off my couch hard.

I hope you all still love me now that you know about my eccentricity and past shallowness. (BTW, this letter doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.) Happy Tuesday!

♥ Mrs. S.


Amelia Kate said...

HAHAHAHAHAH! This is so wonderful!!

I found some beautiful photos of us that I have been meaning to post, but fear you might hunt me down and kill me. What do you think?!

A Marine's Wife! said...

that is too funny!! i found an old journal once, and it doesnt even sound like the same person wrote it!

allissa said...

That dad part made me crack up, because my 15 year old self (and 22 year old self, if I'm being honest) would have said the same thing!

And I think the shallowness is kinda.. cute. I mean who wasn't thinking the exact same thing at 15!

The lipgloss kiss at the end was my favorite, though!

Whitney said...

Hehe...That's great!!

I wish I had done this when I was younger. I wonder what I would've said lol

Team Mama said...

Too funny!!! But I'm glad you have a sense of humor about it! And I'm glad you did get married to a pretty "hot" guy- (just a little biased here)! I'm pretty sure your dad likes him! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I wish I had written something like that but alas, I was too focused on my self when I was 15 (self-centered adolescent right here) but I think that letter was so funny. Hahah! =)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, that's so great!! I bet Mr. Superman got a real big kick out of it. Happy Tuesday to you as well! =)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I commented (now three times)and didn't realize the first one actually went through. I'm not with it today, haha.

Katie Savvy Steele said...

Hahaha, I totally laughed when I read the Dad part too.