Flakes, UTI's, and Vacation.... Yes, all in one.

Wanna know what's worse than dandruff flakes? (EWIE, I promise I don't have any) Real life, real people flakes. They make me wanna scream, bite, and throw up a little all at the same time. They make me angry. Do they not realize that when they don't keep their word, or bail, or lie that they are not only making themselves look like a fool but they lose all credibility as a person and a friend? I don't think so otherwise they'd change right? They must all just be insane in the membrane.

Wanna know what else sucks harder than a Dyson Ball? Being up all night, cramping from my half exploded cyst, then throwing up all night. Mmmm doesn't get much better than that does it? WRONG! After my ER visit a few days ago I realized I now have a UTI. Sweet. I am now peeing a lovely shade of red/orange. Love it.

Now that I've got some venting outta my injured little system, its time to share little bits from our vaca in Arizona. It was filled with delicious food (Pete's, Thai, Gecko Grill, things only my beloved Valley of the Sun has), lots of fun with family and friends, and some good R&R for sure. It really was exactly what both of us needed. Here are some (tons) of pictures.

All of my nieces and nephews are so beautiful! I couldn't get enough of them. It breaks my heart to think I won't be seeing them for possibly a year. That's too long to think about. I love my family.

♥ Mrs. S.


A Marine's Wife! said...

love the pictures!! and feel better soon :) i've never had a UTI (knock on wood) but it doesnt sound like a good time!

J.J. said...

thanks for stopping by! I love your pics!!! Sorry bout all the "stuff" that sounds must un-fun.


Mrs. Ma'am said...

I love all of your pictures. And yes, the nieces and nephews are beautiful! I hope you feel better soon. All that sounds like much too much for one body to take on at a time! Get well soon :)

veterankindergartenteacher said...

Hi there..following you from Friday Follow! I hope you will follow me back!

Amelia Kate said...

Ok, I completely suck and definitely fell into that flake category for your last trip. Im sorry! Please dont hate me and please forgive me :)