Going Green

Bahaha I am laughing at my post. If you know me well then you know why. No blog lovelies, I am not going granola. I did however do something this weekend that made me feel a little green(er). I picked my own fresh strawberries! Well, not my own but they are mine now. Let me just tell you all, they are absolutely and incredibly DELICIOUS! Bright, ruby red, juicy, ginormous strawberries. MMM!

Our weekend was relaxing (minus the 9 1/2 hours of combined homework time and ginomo migraine that I think I caught from my sister over the phone while she had hers in AZ. True story). We got lots of time together (the best), had some divine bbq, went strawberry picking, found some 8 year old sparklers in my memory box, and attempted to find a decently priced law mower (fail). All in all it was fantastic.

The picture montage includes Mr. Superman's (special) face, his grumpy face, me showin' my muscles to go pickin', a brown gator we found on base, picking strawberries, our sparklers, Mr. Superman catching me with a dandelion, and our gnarly back yard full of wild flower weed things. (We desperately need a lawn mower.) Enjoy!

*Ignore my defunkitated hair in the later picks. I had taken my little side braids out. I'm in the midst of a awkward hair stage*

♥ Mrs. S.

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JG said...

Those are some good looking strawberries! And I love sparklers! They're pretty much awesome year-round. :)