Shout Out & Giveaway Deets!

First off I have been a COMPLETE lame-oooh and forgot to give a major shout out to my girl ASHLEIGH over at

I found her like two weeks ago and she is fantastic! Lucky for me the first winner of her giveaway never responded to her and I won the second time around! What?! Mrs. S. won something? Can pigs fly now too? Seriously though, I canNOT even convey to you how excited and shocked I was/am. The only thing I've ever won was a "Pyro Award" my Sophomore year in HS in front of the whole school. Yeah, I got an award for starting my Earth Science classroom on fire.

Secondly is that I think a few of you haven't read the Giveaway rules thoroughly. Some of you have let me know you follow me on twitter thinking you get one entry but unless you have asked me the minimum amount of questions, which is TWO, you don't qualify.

To read the complete rules of the Giveaway, go HERE

To get to the original question post, go HERE

Remember, you can also Tweet about it with my handle once a day. The more questions you ask, the more entries you get. Only 11 more followers to go then the Giveaway closes. Someone actually suggested I make ya'll wait until I have 100 followers. I really like that idea but you guys let me know. If you are too excited to wait, show me by getting more involved!

I'll have a real post later but right now I gotta grab some food so I can be ready to workout in two hours.

♥ Mrs. S.

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