Fabulous Thursday Five!!

Its time for Thursday Five! Think about some positives from this glorious week, list five of them, then head back to Mrs. Gambizzle's page to link that sucker up!


1) I have the most incredible husband in the world. I seriously think God created him and sent him down to Earth just for me. 

2) I have the best bestie in the universe. She ordered (secretly) some glorious and fabulous gourmet cupcakes from New York that arrived on our doorstep yesterday. 

3) My house is slowly but surely being pieced back together. 

4) Mr. Superman is going to be working some crazy 12 hour, middle of the night shifts for the month of August (off and on for a few different exercises) and yet, he doesn't complain. Its his job and he does it well. He is incredible.

5) We got paid a day early. Ahhh yeaaaah! 


Steph said...

Cupcakes can make almost anything better.

Mrs. Gambizzle said...

I;m so jealous of the cupcakes & yay for getting paid early! I love how my hubby never complains either he just does what he has to do :)


Oh my, thanks for #5
I went and checked and we got paid a day early too! Do you use USAA?
I always forget when the 1st or 15th is on a weekend we get it the day before the day before haha.

Catherine said...

Yay for getting paid early!!! Cody did as well, needless to say he was excited.

AND Cupcakes definitely call for a YAY!

Birdie said...

Yay happiness!! If your dream day matches mine, we might be soul mates. We should investigate this further.

Reina said...

Hey! thanks for your comment. My email is date.a.marine[at]gmail.com. I'll give you my cell number so you can text or call if you ever need somebody to just ramble to. I swear, talking for me has been a big part of my progress... anything I can do girl. I'm here for you. :D

Mrs. Ma'am said...

Oh my!! Thanks for telling me you got paid early! So did I!!! SWEEEEEEEEEETTTTTTTT!!! Wahoooo!

Jen said...

Yay for cupcakes and for getting paid early!! I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I checked the account haha :)

Kimberly said...

Cute! Sounds like you have a good life :-) Mr. S sounds like a keeper! ~Kimberly

KelseyC said...

Mmmm cupcakes. They make everything so much sunnier. :)