Um, Can I Talk To You For a Minuteee??

Okay ladies lovelies, I have a story for you.
Today was pretty ridiculous.
Ridiculous would be the perfect word if it is defined by begging a friend to pick me up so I could be reunited with my car baby, discovering the red ants had gotten WORSE, driving down some back road which led me to discover the prison which was actually rather intimidating and terrifying, finally getting some progress made on dropping my summer courses because we can't afford 565 dollars worth of textbooks, and then driving home all whilst murdering the red ants that were simultaneously attacking me.
Anyway you put it, it was RIDICULOUS.
To top it all off, after returning our rental car we headed to Walmart to drop off my prescription which was acquired at last night's ER visit.
The Walmart visit in an of itself was routine.
As routine as a visit to Walmart can be that is.
While walking out, I was approached by a lovely chocolate man. He was drinking coffee and seemed a little young but lovely nonetheless.
This following conversation ensued.

"Excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?"
"What's your name shorty?"
"Mrs. S."
"Hey you gotta Old Man Mrs. S?"

(Not because I was unsure of what an Old Man was, but because I couldn't believe I was actually getting asked that.)

"You know, like a boyfriend or someone who hollas atch you...?"
"Yeah that's actually my husband right there."

(Points to my car three feet away)

"Oh oh I see. I'm sorry. You just let him know someone else was tryin' to holla atch you and that you're looking very beautiful today."

Trying my hardest not to laugh HARD 

"Okay, no problem, thanks."

This dude somehow turned THIS monstrosity

into THIS delusion

This whole scenario made me think of THIS GLORIOUS BEAUTY
Watch it. Love it. Laugh at it. 
Oh, and Happy Friday. 


A Marine's Wife! said...

lol guys can be so creepy! hopefully your weekend gets better!

Erin said...

Haha that post just made my day!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing conversation. Did Mr. S start dying laughing when you told him what went down? I hope that made your day a little bit better.

annoyed army wife said...

What did Mr. Superman think of all the hollarin'? After the day you've had, I would totally take it as a a compliment. Of course, anytime someone talks to me I take it as a compliment.

Chelle said...

OMGEE I love it! LOVE the chocolate man. Don't laugh at him, embrace what he said! You are a beautiful lady on good and bad days!

I still can't get over the fact that you have red ants in your car. FRIGGEN CRAZY! Have you put ant traps on the floor of the car? Do they even work on those buggers?

Boots in the Doorway said...

LOVE IT!!!! So funny. You probably looked better than you realized

Steph said...

Haha... well did you tell your husband someone was trying to holla acha?

Charity said...


Mel said...

I LOVE it! Just revel in the fact that you "still got it." Ha ha ha!


Thanks for the laugh and smile that is across my face right now.
That come on was AWESOME!

Maranda said...

LMAO!!! Nice! I'd holla atcha!

Sorry about the red ants. I hope they go away soon...

And I hope you are okay! ER? Maybe I missed something?

Katie said...

Hey, you know what? At least you know that no matter how bad you feel and no matter how bad things get, YOU'VE STILL GOT GAME!

I was in the hospital for 15 days in Michigan about three years ago and still talk to "Firecrotch," who I met while I was there. Yes, I even visited him in Pittsburgh when I was home one time.

We can't help that our hottness shines through even when we feel like crap!

Natalie said...

that is HILarious!

Ashlee G. said...

Can I have your number? Can I? Can I have your number?


You're such a hottie!

Whitney said...

That was great! Hehe :)

KelseyC said...

Hahaha. This definiely made me laugh out loud. Have a happy Friday! And a good rest of the weekend. :)

addicted2shius said...

Well you can't hate on the guy from appreciating your beauty and at least he respected that you already got a man ;) hopefully your hubby isn't the jealous type like most military. My hubby would high 5 himself for picking himself a hottie.

You're so hot the fire red ants can sense it! That's why they're hangin around with you.

And as far as the ER goes, stay out of there!!! I mean it :)

PTSD, A Caregiver's Perspective said...

OMG hilarious. And it starts at a young age, one of my teenage daughter's guy friends said "dude you're mom's hot."


Team Mama said...

Ummm well at least you know you've got a backup if anything ever happens to Cody (God forbid!!!) This just cracked me up but that's the south for ya! I had a big black friend that I worked with when we lived in Alabama to used to tell everyone that my blond-blue eyed babies (Cody & Carrie) were HIS!!! Too funny!

Lindsay Blogs said...

At least you know you've still got it momma! Congrats on being sexay!