A Shepherd's Stew of a Post

This is my first "this is what we have been up to lately" post in a very very long time. I'm excited because I actually have stuff to talk about. Ha! I am such a nerd.

Well for those who are completely out of touch with everything important aka my blog, twitter and FB account who may be behind on blog reading, this last week was crazy. My car baby developed a red ant and giant black ant infestation. If only we could have fumigated. My car baby also got very sick and needed some surgery and organ transplants. I'll just say that we are extremely blessed and grateful for our families. We really are extraordinarily lucky.

I also had some ER visits and doctors appointments. I am waiting on more referrals and thanks to some fabulous advice from my friend Leman, we have some hope glimmering at the end of one of our life decision tunnels. Seriously stoked about some news and possible treatments in our future.

Saturday found us sleeping in and then venturing out to the newly remodeled and reopened base pool. Dude. It was incredible. It felt so good to swim! We then ran some errands and picked up some things from Walmart. We headed over to Leman (my good friend) and Jay (her husband)'s apartment for some hang out time. Mr. Superman and Jay went to the store and picked up lasagna, salad, cheese bread, and cheese cake which we devoured later in the night. Us girls swam and then after dinner we headed to their storage garage to dig out a fantastic dining table set they GAVE to us. They are amazing. We then swam again until the pool closed. When we left I asked if Mr. Superman had had a good time. His response? "Its so weird and a little hard to get over hanging out with a Master Sergeant." Mr. Superman is an A1C (we're newbies remember?) Yeah I suppose it is for him. Ha ha I don't see rank.

Sunday was church bright and early. I was exhausted. A touch of sunburn combined with the previous day of swimming and going to bed later than usual made for a very difficult and tiring day. I also had to work which is always blech especially on Sunday. When I came home from work I saw that my incredible husband had done the literal MOUNTAIN of laundry. All I had to do was finish folding and hanging it up. He had tackled the daunting task of separating, sorting, and getting it all right side out. He also had done the dishes and wiped down the kitchen. He got a big smooch for his amazingness. Last night was a massive storm that made it extremely difficult to fall asleep. I know I've mentioned it before but the woods behind our house attract lightning like nothing else. We counted a good seven strikes right next to the house. I hate when the house is shaking and when things fall from the shock of it all.

Today is consisting of major cleaning, finishing a project I have going on for the master bedroom, trimming the hedges and bushes out front, sweeping both patios off, spraying for bugs inside and out, weeding the front beds, catching up on my bloggy friends and trying to make sure my man is fed when he gets home. I do have a few quick things to share before I bid adieu.

I Won this beauty (and a fabulous AF word book)
Random Ramblings of A Military Wife

Won this fabulous Uppercase Living (and some Avon skin cream)

Navy Doll

Won this wonderful workout set

Also, it has been over 9 months and I am STILL finding these little buggers

all over my house!! Its ridiculous.

Now on a different note. I know a lot of you may have heard about this

For those of you who haven't, go HERE to read about it all and support the family of JD.

ACU's, Stiletto Shoes, and Pretty Pink Tutu's also wrote a great post about it all HERE.
It makes my blood boil at the lack of respect from this biznatch. Moving on.

A while back I received an award from my BFF Chelle over at It's a Hooah Life.

Its the


Rules are:
Thank the blogger who gave it to you:
Why thank you my dear!
Sum up your blogging philosophy in five words:
Honesty, fun, involved, military, journal. 
And pass it on to 10 other blogs:


Sorry, I am a rebel.
I hope all of you are having a fabulous Monday!!


annoyed army wife said...

Your wall hanging looks awesome over that doorway and the Uppercase Living does, too! Super cute!

Happy Life As An Army Wife said...

Sounds like SUCH an awesome weekend! Especially the night with friends, lasagna, and SWIMMING! Seriously that sounds SO fabulous!! I'm glad you heard of some exciting new treatments but I'm also super sad that you went to the ER :( I hope you're doing better, beautiful!

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

Wow, you guys are busy, busy, busy! But it sounds like you're doing well. And I have to say...I find those little stickers ALL over the place too. And the fact taht they're different colors means that they're from different PCS'es. I don't think we'll ever get rid of them all!

HOpe you're feeling well!

Steph said...

The wall hanging looks super cute! Good to hear you had such a good weekend!

Congrats on the award.

Mel said...

Glad to hear you are doing better and had such a great time swimming. Sounds like a wonderful day! All those prizes are stellar!

Sarah Ann said...

Wow! You HAVE been a busy girl haven't you? I'm glad you did this post because I am super behind on posts and finally just gave up trying to read them all. Lol. My husband was a little weirded out by hanging out with his superiors at first but now it's just the norm. because they're the only ones who have families and want to do stuff like BBQ's and poker nights whereas all his single friends only want to get sh*tfaced and hit on women. Our only thing that makes it more comfortable is that we always bring food so we feel like we're helping them out too. =]

Amber said...

I hope your baby..car...is doing all better now that it's had it's diaper changed!

Dang girl...you must be the queen of winning things! Can you sprinkle some winning dust my way?

As for those darn stickers...I have them on my stuff too....dating back from years of past moves...it's bad!


Haha on the stickers!
I found 3 on ONE piece of furniture when we moved a couple weeks ago. CRAZY lol.
I'm trying to read the JD story now.

The Mrs. said...

I find those stupid little stickers EVERYWHERE!! It's so annoying!

Mrs. Ma'am said...

Oh gosh, I love his reaction to the hanging out with a Master Sergeant! That cracks me up so much. Everyone goes through it, and I have a hard time understanding since I am on the other side of it. Wait until you become friends with his Shirt or his Commander's wife, then things will get even more interesting! Gotta love the military life!

And holy smokes on all the winnings! They all look amazing! Congrats!

JG said...

Aw, thanks! :) I'm horrible about remembering to pass these along, but thanks.

You've got some great prizes there! Congratulations!

KelseyC said...

You're BUSY. Lol. Glad you had a good weekend! and EEK about the ants. Not cool at all.

Staci said...

Daaaang girl you is lucky!! :) Your hubs is like mine about hanging out with higher ranking people. He's a Staff, but he has a friend that is pretty tight with a Chief, and it makes hubs all awkward. In his new squadron there is a spouses club but it's enlisted and officer and I'm freaking out debating on whether or not to join it! LOL.