I'm a Guest Blogger!!

Make sure you all head over to

to check out my guest blogging post!


Lisa said...

Your blog went MIA there for a bit! Glad to see it's back!

Here's the comment I left there for you:

The other day, I wondered if it was just me, who teared up whenever I read about homecomings, deployments, injuries, deaths, or just with pride as I read about or hear of our military.

Whenever I see someone in uniform at work, I always take the time to help them, although I don't say "Thank you" nearly enough.

I figured I was just a sap. I'm glad to know there are other s out there like me who swell with pride. :) Hooah!

Thanks for an awesome post over there!

Carmen said...

Great guest post! Hope you have fun with Mr. Superman's family! =)

Team Mama said...

I read your guest blog...LOVED IT! You are a superb writer girl!!! Great job!