MilSpouse Friday Fill In

I wanna preface this by saying WELCOME to all my new bloggy friends and followers. There are a few of you that haven't introduced yourselves. Don't be shy!! Speak up so I can come by and follow you too.

Wife of a Sailor started this oh so fab meme for Mil Spouses (significant others). To join in go check her out!!

1. What is your favorite household chore? 

I love organizing and vacuuming. I enjoy most cleaning even if I put it off like crazy.  

2. What is your favorite childhood memory?

I have way too many!! I love the memories I have with my sister A. She is 10 years older but my only sister. We have a lot of crazy, ridiculous, silly stories. She is one of my best friends now. 

3. What is your most embarrassing moment?

I always say if I got embarrassed easily I couldn't go outside. I do some stupid ditzy things quite a bit. I can't really think of anything. 

4. What uniform of your spouse’s is your favorite?

Well AF only has two (three if you count the jumpsuits). We've talked about this before and we think the AF uniforms are pathetic. I think he is incredibly sexy in uniform but with ABU sleeves rolled up is super "ooh la la" for me. I also love him in Dress Blues but they are so uncomfortable and there is never cause for him to wear them.

5. What canceled TV show do you miss the most?

Man I don't know. Do you remember that show Dinosaurs? I also grew up watching The Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, Andy Griffith, Rescue 911, and the original On Saturday Morning cartoons. I adored Boy Meets World (my cousins wife was the main make-up artist from day one), Family Matters, and Full House.


David and Sarah said...

Love this! Also, if I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm sorry! My name is Sarah and I'm an Army wife! My husband and I are HS sweethearts and dated through basic and AIT, were engaged through his deployment to Iraq 2 years ago and have been married almost a year now! He left yesterday to start mobilization training! Anything else you want to know, just ask! :) I love your blog and the fun posts! :) Have a great day!

A Marine's Wife! said...

oh man rescue 911. remember the one where they broke into the wrong house that was on fire???

I hate vacuuming! but i do love doing laundry!

Jenn said...

ah classic TV is the best! Saturday morning cartoons with breakfast and i love lucy before bed. the best tv!

Mrs. Wifey said...

I love cleaning too! Especially my kitchen! Its really therapeutic!


Steph said...

Rescue 911.... I forgot about that show but now that you mention it, I miss that show too.

Whitney said...

I remember Dinosaurs and Rescue 911. That seems like so long ago.

Chelle said...

I can not believe you just said The Brady Bunch. What a dork my love. lol
Can you come over every week and organize my house? Organization does not belong in this house. lol

Wife on the Roller Coaster said...

I couldn't think of an embarrassing moment either! And wow, those shows you mentioned bring back so many memories. I LOOOOOVED Full House!

Amanda said...

oh my gosh! i think we're soul mates! i freaking love all of those shows! and of course i remember Dinosaurs! and thanks for the sweet comments!

trooppetrie said...

oh man i miss rescue 911, i learned so much

Sailor's Wife said...

I love Dinosaurs!!!

Stefanie said...

You are lucky your husband doesn't have to wear blues. My husband has to wear his blues every Monday and get to wear his ABU's the rest of the week. This is true for the rest of the office, too.

I love all of those shows you listed! TV now just isn't as good as it used to be!