banquete mexicano!!!

Oh my goodness Friday's dinner was absolutely delicious!! For the last three weeks I have been experiencing the most insatiable hankerings for Mexican food. Sooo when I had extra beef from my pot roast, I was unbelievably excited to make tacos!

We had fresh corn tortillas, Mexican rice, guacamole, pinto beans, shredded beef, corn & black bean salsa for Cody, spicy salsa for me, chips... The list goes on. I also discovered something fantastic at the store a few days before. Amazing Cherry Limeade completed it and helped us to wash it all down. We barely squeezed it all onto our little table.

Cody's cousin Whitney had just gotten home from her vaca on St. Thomas so we had her join us. Even with us three stuffing our faces there was so much left over so I sent it all home with her to share with her hubby when he got back that night. It was so good!!


Robyn said...

You are turning into quite the creative and talented cook! It looks amazing!

Chris & Teesha said...

hey just leaving our email so you wont give us the boot when you go private! hope all is well. goodman.cr@gmail.com

Chris & Teesha said...

hey just leaving our email before you go private and give us the boot. hope all is well. goodman.cr@gmail.com