Going Incognito!!

For those of you who received my email and already responded, ignore this. This is for those who I don't have an email address for, and for some reason or another didn't see it on my Twitter or Facebook.

Cody and I are going under the radar. Invisible, incognito... PRIVATE.

We just don't want to deal with some crazies and don't want blogstalkersELITE to get to us so in about two'ish weeks the blog will only be open to those whom we invite. If you want on the list then leave me your email address here as a comment or email me directly.


The response has already been seriously overwhelming. I had no idea that some of the people who replied even knew we had a blog. Yae for good friends and family!!

Thank You!!!


Monica said...

I would love to be invited! Also, I was excited to hear that you are coming for a visit! Monica

Kristi said...

Your blog is so fun! I'd love to continue reading it. :)