Quick Update

Well after making dozens of phone calls everyday and stressing like crazy all of the paperwork is done. It is a miracle we got everything together as fast as we did especially with all of Cody's medical records being out of state. Sergeant Vanhook actually said we are the fastest he has ever seen someone getting everything taken care of. I just had to laugh. So now Cody's file is just being reviewed and he will be having his physical *hopefully* Friday or Saturday. After that he sits down with someone and goes over all of his job choices and submits those. Then its usually two to three weeks until we hear what job he got and when he ships out for basic. Everything is out of our hands now and its really just a waiting game.

We went through last night and Cody picked his list of jobs. He is excited for the options he has. Cody being the genius he is got the highest score possible on the ASVAP (the test to qualify) so if all goes how it is supposed to he will get one of his top choices.

After we get the date for him to leave, we will start packing here then drive down to AZ to visit people and get me settled. Then my heart will break when I drop him off at the airport for him to get back to UT. He will then leave from UT for Basic.

Basic is 8 1/2 weeks and we will get one call for sure but have letters. At the end of Basic I will go to TX to spend FOUR DAYS WITH HIM!! I then leave again and he then ships out to whatever base his Tech School is at. Tech School is usually 8 more weeks then he is granted leave to come get me and for us to move to whatever base he is then assigned to be stationed at. There is only one job on his list that has a really long term of tech school. In which case I would be able to be with him.

We are bracing ourselves for 4 to 5 months of separation though. *WINCE* We are excited for our future though and the opportunities that are coming our way. Just thought I'd update everyone! Love you all!


Rylin Photography said...

I am excited to have you back!!
I know it will be hard, but you are so strong!

Nathan & Jennifer Lundstrom said...

Wow you guys are so brave! It sounds like everything will work out though, and once the 4 or 5 months are over you will get to be with him again. Good luck with everything!

Katie Savvy Steele said...