Alright so you may have noticed my blog looks a little different. I am soooo proud of myself. This morning I found myself alone with nothing to do. Big surprise right? So I get online and I am just kinda surfin, messin around with stuff and I decide I want to have a 3 column blog. Simple right? I should just be able to click a button and it does it all for me?


I found a tutorial on how to covert from a two column template to a three column template and I concentrated and I figured it all out! Without messing anything up or losing anything! Can I get a WOOT WOOT??!!

Cody got home from his meeting with the Sergeant and asked me a question whilst I was in the middle of my blog's conversion and I had to say, "Just a minute, I am in the middle of something vitally important." He understood of course and didn't even jump that high when I let out a, "YEAHHH!! I DID IT!!." His reflexes were even decently fast when I held up my arms in exultation and wanted a double high five.

I feel accomplished.

Something else great happened too! Cody took off a few minutes ago to yet again attempt at getting our replacement tire. Him being the sneaky little booger he is remembered the two guys' names from the first time we went in. Ian was the jerk that refused our tire insurance so Cody simply called in, asked if Ian was in, and upon being told that he was not, he headed out to the tire place. Not ten minutes later, i got a text saying we got our free tire and it only cost $11.00 to renew the insurance instead of $13.00. I know I know big woop right? It is a big woop and it makes our victory all the more sweet.


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I like the 3 column look. Very good job!!