Playin' Catch Up!!

Okay so I have had pictures on my camera from a couple weeks ago and just now got enough drive to find the cord and put 'em on my computer. For Valentine's Day, my MIL Robyn got us tickets to go see Phantom. AKA Phantom of the Opera. It is not really a spin off as much as it is the same story just tweeked a little. It was great. Cody & I both love theatre (minus the idot couple that showed up after it started and of course had seats in the middle of the row and had to climb over all of us.) It was such a great performance. It was at The Hale Centre Theatre here in UT. The acting was great, the music fun, just enough comedy, and their voices were absolutely phenomenal.

I made these AMAZING oatmeal chocolate chip bars. I found a recipe online for soft oatmeal cookies then changed pretty much the whole thing haha and got these! They were sooo good.

We were running late for the play but needed to eat so we picked up a pizza. It was supposed to be pepperoni but I opened it up and saw THIS monstrosity. We don't like cheese pizza but I didn't have any time to go back. Cody thought it was funny, as you can see in the background, until he had to take the leftovers for lunch the next two days. Ha Ha!!

Us seriously goofing off with Photobooth. We thoroughly enjoy doing this.

On our way to the theatre!!

Quick pic before heading in!!

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