Fighting for words, always at a loss.
Musings spoken aloud, but what is the cost?
Is it worth the struggle? Is it worth the pain?
Getting it out in the open, brushing off the shame.

To stand up tall, and shake off the nagging thoughts
“You are going to fail.” and “It will all be for naught.”
I must be strong. I must push on.
I must continue. Move through the night towards the dawn.

It is always darkest, before the light,
But this seems as if this is an eternal night.
Right or wrong, black or white,
I have traded in my blindness for a world full of sight.

I have sacrificed for what is known as the “greater good”
I haven’t always been this way, haven’t always done what I should.
Struggling along, winding down this way,
Has taught me so much, has to taught me to stay.

Stay the course, no matter how hard.
Stay the course, no matter how scarred.
He will protect me. He will lift me up.
He will save me. He has already drank from the cup.

I must be strong. I must continue on.
Stay steady down this long narrow road,
Towards the ever nearer dawn.

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