Today is a SPECIAL day!!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!! I LOVE this day. L♥VE L♥VE L♥VE!

Some of you may know a little about my friend James. He was an amazing person. Always happy and smiling and trying to make everyone around him happy and smiling. He had a great smile, beautiful eyes, and an energy that was absolutely contagious. He also had two passions. He loved all things Irish (green, clovers, leprachauns, etc.) and Pirates. The first love was almost visibly exuded, on this day. He was always running around handing out clover stickers, or hugging people while sneakin in a pinch, or trying to teach others how to talk in an Irish accent.

Before he died, he had the opportunity to meet his birth mom. One night after having dinner with her I received an excited phone call. I asked what was goin on and he kept telling me over and over that he was indeed part Irish. I cannot think of any piece of news that had made him so happy before. He was such a goof!

So this is somewhat of a tribute to him and to this holiday full of happiness, silliness, and green!!

If you notice, his shirt is just a hint of how much he loved this day.

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Hayley said...

he really is a beautiful person =D