A few things that made me smile

I love Photobucket. It is AWESOME.
I enjoy Facebook and its following apps: Bumper Sticker & Flair.

Let me show you why.

Cody sent this to me as a Bumper Sticker on good ol' FB. It is sad, but true. I need to work on how I treat others.

This made me literally laugh out loud. What can I say? I am easily amused.

This right here, speaks for itself.

This is what I am trying to convince society of. Ha, I am failing miserably so I have resorted to trying to just get myself convinced of this.

This describes how I felt so often when Cody & I were dating & then engaged. Not because I was on the prowl, but because I felt like I needed to claim him all I could before he realized I am just a crazy white girl.

I do I do I do I do!! I love him oh so much :)

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