What to do, think, think, think...

I have been stranded without a car this week. Normally it wouldnt bug me but I need milk. I have needed milk for a few days now. Cody's car contracted a flat tire. No biggie right? His tires are like 8 months old so this was slightly annoying but fixable. When we purchase tires we purchase the replacement certificate. This certificate guarantees a free replacement if anything happens during the life of the tire. I also checked online and on the website for the company it says "no matter the wear on the tire". We go in a few days ago to have it replaced because it was not fixable. The stupid guy tells us Cody's tires are "legally bald" and they won't replace it for free. I argue with him, try not to reach across the counter and grab his neck, and we end up walking out extremely angry. We look at his tires. There is no way that they are even close to being bald. So that is why I have been stranded here. Cody ahs been using my car and that leaves me in our apartment all day. Lately I have been trying to clean and just make sure things are always picked up and such but I can only clean so often. Cody feels bad for me but its not his fault.

I know this post is just a bunch of tangents all strung together and its more of a rant than a post but there you have it. I came across this picture that my friend sent me right after we got married. It made me smile. Its totally me. I guess I will go clean yet again and try to forget about my need for milk.

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Robyn said...

Why didn't you call me you sillyhead! I've been home most of the day and would've been happy to come over and take you to get milk- or bring you up here or something! And Matt can be very intimidating- maybe he should go with Cody to the tire place. I'll be he could get a resolution! Darn people!!!