Clear the Muddy Waters??

I guess for a few people I need to CLARIFY what I meant in my previous post.

"My last rebuttal I think may get me into some trouble with a few family members but I don't care. These are my beliefs and opinions and pretending they aren't is a disservice to myself.  See what I mean? Passion=trouble sometimes."

I knew my post would get me into "trouble" because I have a few family members who tend to take things rather personally. I do not care because no matter what is said or done, their opinions will not be changed.

I do think it is funny that when engaging in a discussion or debate concerning a differing of opinions, one party (or more) is prone to taking offense or getting hurt feelings. The purpose behind such discussions is to expand the mind, learn of others' opinions and points of view. I used to get angry or hurt feelings ALL THE TIME when I had a disagreement with someone but have since learned that such feelings are pointless.

I have gained an appreciation for diversity. Without diversified opinions, there can be no learning, sharing, or conversation. I like coming in contact with people whose ideas differ from my own. The world would be so bland if we all thought the same would it not?

I enjoy discussions concerning religion and government and current events because it helps me to not only try to look at things from a different angle, but it allows me to strengthen my ideas and resolve to talk about what I believe, and I daresay KNOW to be true and right.

There you have it. I was not just flagrantly displaying my lack of caring for my family. I love my family. EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF IT. Whether they believe me or not, is up to them.

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