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Alright people here is yet again another update.

Today was supposed to be a BIG day. A big day indeed. Mr. Superman got clearance after a week of high stress and fighting on my part with people mostly out of state. He left at 5:00 this morning to head down to the MEPS bldg where he took his ASVAP and where all of the other US Military and USAF stuff happens. He had to get blood drawn and a drug test, eye test and tons of other stuff done in order to be able to get his physical. He then kinda just hangs out all day then was supposed to meet with a Job Counselor to go over his job picks then in the afternoon swear in and then everything would be official. We thought we were done jumping through hoops and all the stress was gone.

I get a phone call from SGT. V. Bad feeling in my stomach. He proceeds to tell me Mr. Superman can't do anything more today because.... get this. The doctors office in AZ that was in charge of sending his complete medical chart.... only sent over the records for his left knee!!! I couldn't believe it. So we are again in limbo due to somebody else's incompetence and stupidity and lack of caring for someone else. I thought I had drilled into them the necessity of speed and accuracy. That our lives are held up until this was all taken care of. NOPE. I guess not.

So on Monday I get to call the doctors office and try to get them to find the records for the right knee, then get the doctor to sign a separate release form for his right knee, and pray they get it right this time around. The worst part is that on Monday the job drop comes through. The AF office here has all week to dispense and assign these jobs and if on Friday there are still some they get sent to some other squadron in the country.

Even if I do get everything I need on Monday, it cant get reviewed until Tuesday and Wednesday, MEPS is closed. The earliest Mr. Superman could go back in is on Thursday and spend another entire day trying to get everything done. Chances are there would be none of his job picks available by Thursday and we will still be forced to wait until the second week of April for the next drop. The ironic thing is by us rushing and stressing and me being on the phone for hours and arguing our case was all in attempting to avoid this.

So much for doing all we can right? It got us no where.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man all of this is a huge bummer. Hope it gets worked out and he gets what he wants if not this job drop then the next one.