Fabulous Thursday Five!!

Happy Happy Thursday!

It's that super fun time again to post 5 things that have made you feel






Or maybe just plain old happy

1) I started work. I'm not excited about what I'm doing or the hours or the pay but its work. I am grateful and blessed.

2) Despite only getting 2-3 conscious hours together every day due to our new schedules, being able to get even that small amount of time is incredible. 

3) I am done with my CNA course. I got an A and now just have to get all my paperwork in, wait for my letter telling me when and where my state boards are, then pass those.

4) Even though Mr. Superman's TDY got extended I will be having one of my SIL's coming to stay for 8 days and my best friend Brighteyes comes in the day my SIL leaves. How exciting!! 

5) Tomorrow's Friday which means tomorrow night is our last night of work for two whole days. It also marks number one of my last two weekends with Mr. Superman (I start working weekends afterwards) so we are intent on enjoying it!
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Chelle said...

I kinda miss being a CNA. The board exam in California was so flipping simple, took an hour for both written and hands on. Woohoo to friday and days off. Sadly mines off tomorrow which means an added day of the possibility of me strangling him.

Jenni said...

Congrats on the job- even if it's not your number 1 choice. And, have a great weekend with your husband- live it up!

Whitney said...

Congrats on finishing the CNA course!

Team Mama said...

Sometimes ya just count your blessings and remind yourself that they really are blessings, He really does know who you are and what you need, trust Him and let the rest go.
Praying for you...always! Love you!
(Katie is soooo excited to be coming to see you! It should be really fun!)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on acing your CNA class!! Spend every moment with Mr. Superman before work schedules conflict! I know I have that problem now and I don't even live with Mr. M yet!