Guess What?!

I think the blogging God(desses?) know how much I've been needing pick me ups lately so I've been so lucky to win some great giveaways! The one that made my day yesterday?

Getting these two beautiful people in my mailbox! Courtesy of Mrs. Muffins of course. Thanks again lady!

I'm currently wishing desperately to win this fabulous giveaway hosted by my blogging BFF

Not only is she phenomenal but so is the fact that CSN is having her host this sucker. 
Go check her out and be sure to let her know that I sent you!


Natalie said...

okay so this post and one 2 posts down from someone else in my dashboard have the exact same title...punctuation and everything. weird, right?!

Team Mama said...

You got 2 people in your mailbox? bet it was a little crowded in there... put 'em to work! Glad you are winning the giveaways.... <3 <3 <3

A Marine's Wife! said...

fyi you have the most entries so far!

Jen said...

Yay for winning giveaways!! :)

Dave and Ashley said...

This is great news. Channing Tatum can make any lady feel better ;)

Alexandra said...

jon and i just watched dear john the other day.....and both cried. why watch the bad parts in your life on a show when you already have to live those bad parts in realy life??.....make sense? awful.