Kindred Connection #4

Windy Poplars

 Hey there Lovelies! The Kindred Connection is back this week. 
From Windy Poplars "I hope you'll join along so we can either get to know you better or make a new friend! So grab the button, answer the questions, and link up below (to your KC post) Our theme is:
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 Questions for the week:
1. What is your favorite ethnicity of food?
MMM Italian. But close seconds are Chinese, Thai, and Mexican. I'm just a food lover. 
2. If you could eat only one meal for two weeks straight, what would it be?
If I'm trying to be healthy? Oatmeal. If I'm being normal? Three flavor chicken and Thai toast or any type of pasta with a cream based sauce and cheese. That's honesty right there. 
3. What is the "signature" dish that you cook? (you know, that always receives rave reviews and/or you get requests for the recipe - feel free to share the recipe!)
Mr. Superman loves my beef enchiladas (along with my fried Spanish rice and refried bean dip) but I make a mean pot roast too. I'm really good with sauces, marinades, and rubs. My "item" that always gets rave reviews are my chocolate chip cookies and my cupcakes. 
4. Is there something that you just can't handle eating - like gag reflex?
Green Beans. N A S T Y. I will save my green bean story for another time but the smell is enough to make me vomit. 
5. Do you think that the Kindred Connection should continue through the summer, or take the summer off?

I would love for it to continue! I love it so much and am finally back on track with my blogging. (Kind of)

"Tell your friends about the Connection this week - if we have 20 participants (linkers), I'll put you all into another giveaway drawing!"
Sweet! Anyone up for a Giveaway with no strings other than answering a few fun questions? Um... I am! Go join up ya'll :)


Natalie said...

oh my goodness i HATE green beans!!! When I was in high school our vet put my dog on the green bean diet (not kidding) where she got 1/2 the amount of food and 1/2 can of green beans. She lost a bunch of weight and was really healthy and now i hate them because they're pretty much dog food to me!

Kristin said...

Hey Mrs. S! Thanks for joining the party :-) Yay! Somebody else loves Thai food...I could go for some coconut lemongrass chicken right about now...You ever cook Thai? I'd love some good recipes if so... Yeah, I think I could go for a cream sauce pasta for awhile. I DON'T think I could do oatmeal though :-P. Unless it was oatmeal cookies! Ha! Hope you have a wonderful day today! Talk to ya later. ~K